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Cannabis Tinctures Work





These tinctures contain certified safe cannabis, available as sprays or drops, and are healthy alternatives to smoking. Blended at different ratios of CBD and THC, the three tinctures offer patients a choice of high, medium or low THC, balanced with the wellness element of CBD.Made from 25% Organic Grape Alcohol with a 1:3 Ratio Cannatonic
& Lemon Haze. Cannatonic harnesses great medicinal potential with its equal 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD making it great for Muscle spasms, convulsions, nausea, and inflammation and other medical conditions. Cannatonic was tested at 7% CBD and 7% THC, making the medicinal potential for this hybrid unbelievable. Average dose is 3-7 drops. For Extreme Pain, recommended dose is 15-30 drops three times a day.

Average 10-20 doses per ounce.
Cannabis Based Medicinal Extracts
– Safe, effective, smokeless
– Organic and plant-based medication is a healthy alternative to smoking
– More efficient, less expensive from of medication than smoking
– Reliable, consistent qualityLab tested and certified safe cannabis, free of mold and pesticides
– More effective than synthetic cannabisSafe with fewer side-effects than pharmaceutical drugs
– Non-addictive

–High CBD Cannatonic Tincture $150.00
–Cannabis Infused Alcohol
–Cannabis Infused Alcohol $190.00
–THC / Alcohol 151 Overproof Rum 30 mL vial
–THC / Alcohol 151 Overproof Rum $150.00
–THC !/ Alcohol Tequila $190.00


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